HR Consulting

The Chancellor's Goal

Our goal is to provide sincere support and advice with full transparency, after studying and analyzing the existing situation in the organization and studying all the administrative and technical aspects to then provide solutions and possible alternatives that enable the organization to achieve the required efficiency in administrative and production work and reduce costs while improving quality and training by scientific methods And the studied methodology.

The need for HR Consulting

Organizations and individuals always need advice, and people have known from ancient times to consult a doctor and to consult clerics and wise men. However, the emergence of an administrative advisor as an independent identity that people consult is a relatively recent phenomenon. Indeed, accounting, law and engineering offices have long met the need for Management consulting within the scope of its operations and activities due to the lack of reliable and qualified management consulting offices There is no structural defect in joining the consulting activity with other consulting activities in a single consulting firm, provided that the administrative consultant maintains his specialized work area that no one else can. The resort to the assistance of an external administrative advisor achieves two advantages that are of great importance:


is the availability of better conditions for the independence and impartiality of opinion compared to the internal employee, who may be affected by personal considerations and interests, and may be taken by enthusiasm for a topic that he does not see its negatives, and it may also be affected by the balance of power and influence within the company, so his advice is not neutral


is the availability of better conditions to achieve the overall vision of the image, and the availability of this overall vision is a preliminary condition (among other conditions, of course) for the integrity of the advice, compared to the internal employee who may find it difficult to achieve this vision because of his intense involvement in his management or his intense preoccupation with the data of his job.

enables external advisor

also has greater possibility and wider opportunities to form advisory work teams, which include multiple disciplines related to the subject of counseling, which is something that is also available among internal employees, except that shades of their experiences, biases and competition to appear and their conflicts may be reflected on their work in the team, which threatens Influencing the safety of advice

Some Problems of the Independent Administrative Consulting Profession ...

The management consulting profession faces multiple problems, especially in our Arab environment, perhaps the most important of which are the following ten problems:
To remedy the previous point - the shallowness of human resources feeding the consulting profession - companies and organizations resorted to university professors to seek advice, and professors responded and established advisory offices to meet the growing need for advice. However, in many cases, these offices are no longer professional professional preparation, and no In some cases, developing the capabilities and skills of the university professor to comply with the requirements of the management consulting profession
Due to the modernity of the management consulting profession, some of its clients deal with the consultant as if he were an employee receiving instructions, and he has to defend the management's visions and formulate them in the proper technical manner that makes them more attractive. As a result, the consultant could not carry out his work properly.
The circumstances of the poverty of successful experiences in practice led to a poor supply of successful and distinguished managers with successful and distinguished experiences that others could benefit from within the profession of management consulting, and a dearth of cadres arose that could take management consulting as a profession, which weakened Profession again.
The lack of awareness of the officials in the organizations of the need for an independent management consultant, and thus reluctance to seek his help, and being satisfied, for example, with the advice of the auditor or the engineering office, even in studying the feasibility of new projects, which resulted in huge losses and many stories of frustration in many projects
Because the profession of management consulting is relatively recent, it was not well regulated, and consequently, it entered groups that are not eligible for high-level professional practice, and these groups have offended themselves, their clients, and the profession itself, where doubts about credibility and competence increased.
It follows from the previous point that some "independent" administrative advisors responded to the pressures exerted on them, thus losing their independence and freedom to study and impartial advice, and the result is: Firstly, the waste of money spent on counseling, because it did not add anything new. Rather, it may have falsified the truth or beautified some of the existing ugliness. Second, loss of opportunity for independent opinion that might benefit the organization. Third, possible losses arising from giving or defending a corrupt opinion.

Accordingly, our main goal is to provide real assistance, assistance and guidance to individuals, managers, leaders and organizations for the best methodological methods that are realistic and transparent in line with the current situation.