Consulting the two next to marriage

Chancellor's Message

There is no doubt that it is necessary to prepare well and soundly for a happy, calm and stable married life, and also to know how to overcome what may object or face that marital life of problems or disputes, and the two partners need the opinions, experiences and services of specialists in the psychological counseling services of marriage to start Their lives are based on the correct principles that summarize the problems facing the vast majority in the prime of their lives. In my opinion ,, the distinguished who aspire to win the partner, understand him, contain him, understand his life and clinical needs, build a strong and serious bond with him for life, and live with the pleasure of love and adoration, those who seek to search for benefit and seek advice ..

The most important advice for those about to get married

Islam is our true religion. It did not leave small or large without setting its provisions, rules, and foundations, including marriage. There is a set of rulings that the Islamic religion has set for dealing in marriage, including good cohabitation between spouses, as marital life must be based on affection, tranquility, intimacy and love, And the Almighty said: “And among His signs is that He created for you from yourselves spouses, to whom you would dwell, and He made among you love and mercy. The joint cooperation and consultation between the spouses in the needs and responsibilities of the home, such as raising children, the need to honor the husband's family and the wife's family, and for each spouse to strive to respect the family of the other and exchange them for love and affection, also the spouses must have conviction and satisfaction, and that is through full satisfaction with the partner And what he provides and transcends unimportant matters, in addition to the necessity of diligence between spouses in worship and obedience and perpetuating them, as the Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him, said: “If a man wakes up his family from the night in prayer or prays two rak'ahs, all of them are written in the remembrance and the memories.”

Ways to help you establish wonderful marital relationships after long years of marriage

Making a decision to engage in engagement is not easy or easy. Rather, you choose a life partner that you think about spending your entire life with, and therefore there is a set of advice that you should think about before embarking on the engagement step, including being slow in choosing, and you have to talk to yourself and know whether The person you are seeking to propose to has what you need, and you should seek Allah's help and ask your heart before embarking on the engagement step. And you have to know that understanding and acquaintance are more important than romances at that stage, romance is required, but without exceeding the limits of understanding and acquaintance, and not being too busy with the words of love as a substitute for discussing important matters and identifying defects and characteristics, and there must be limits between the betrothed. The two engaged ends have not yet become a married couple, and the meetings and communication must be within the limits of etiquette. And there must be a prior agreement between the two engaged persons not to include family or friends in their conversations, except in rare cases, and no one should know about your special problems, they must remain between you, and the two must not forget the necessity of questions about your relationship in the future and the nature of expectations for your future together. So that each of you knows how the other thinks, and that there is agreement about the nature of the future between you so that the ideas converge
Marriage is not an easy thing or done for the sake of fun, rather it is another life, stability and a great responsibility on the shoulders of both spouses, and the spouses must adhere to a set of advice, including understanding, and both parties must seek to understand the other party, it is normal for problems to occur between the spouses, but understanding must be done on both sides. To overcome those differences and finish them. The spouses must also know each of them the rights that he has and the duties that he has, and the goal of marriage was to preserve the rights of the spouses, and when both spouses know his rights and duties, this means avoiding many problems and points of disagreement. It is also necessary to maintain the renewal in the relationship between the spouses, as the most problems facing husbands are the routine between them, which causes the end of happiness and love between the spouses, while the renewal of the food provided, the lifestyle, home decorations and other renovations work to renew the pleasure, love and happiness between the spouses 5 obstacles destroy marriage from its inception
Among the commandments that those who are about to marry must follow the necessity to maintain communication, as one of the biggest problems that lead to divorce is the difficulty of communication between the spouses and sometimes completely interrupting them, and for one party to have other interests alternative to the other party, but attention must be paid to participation and communication. Also, preserving privacy and secrets is one of the most important benefits of the spouses' relationship, as this means the success of the marital relationship for sure, as these secrets and preserving them makes the other party feel safe and confident in relying on the other party, while talking about the problems and secrets of the house from One side makes these problems inherently difficult to solve. Always the spouses must completely move away from the comparison between her marriage and other spouses, because each marriage has its own nature and circumstances, and it is not possible to compare between one marriage and another and the circumstances of one family and another, and you must always leave that view and be completely satisfied with your life and not be discontented with your partner, and with these advice and commandments, marriage becomes more Understanding, love and happiness, and it brings the stability you seek