Counselor / Azza Al-Ghamdi



She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration - Human Resources Management - from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah She holds a diploma in family and educational counseling from the Middle East Academy for Training and Development ..
She holds a degree from New York University Professional (Family and Educational Counselor)
She holds an international certification from the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming She holds an international certificate in global NLP training and consulting She holds an English language diploma certified by the Gulf Training Company
International trainer certified by the American Institute for Development in Family and Educational Counseling
Live coaching certified by the International Coaching Federation ICF (under training)
Director of the Saudi Academy for Training for ten years until now
General founder of the Making of Life Foundation for Administrative Consultations and Human Development
Internationally Accredited Educational Family Counselor
A course in strategic planning
A course in patience management ... and overcoming work difficulties
A course in distinguished customer service A course in functional behavior and communication skills.
A course in industry and decision-making A course in self-esteem and confidence enhancement skills
Leadership basics course
ICDL International Course in Computer
A workshop on innovative training methods in the programs offered remotely
Cooperation with the Gulf Company for Training in Public Relations and Marketing
Cooperation with the National Bank in administrative affairs